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Self-Portrait: Across the Years


The innovative work of Virginia artist, James Pannabecker, invites exploration.

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These collages are made of used postage stamps.

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Artists's Statement

On September 26, 2017, I began to draw. Until then, I dwelled in words, first as a lawyer, then as an author of lawyerly materials. In 1998, I turned to poetry, thinking the time had come to learn how to describe more important concepts. I have written poetry ever since, with excursions into prose, even as the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” pulled at my heartstrings.

Since my first drawing in 2017, no day has been complete without creating something visual. If I were to formulate a mission statement, it would be something like: “I want to create works of art that portray my own eccentric vision of life.” 

I like to compare my work to poetry and music. Like them, it presents repetition and rhythm. Also like them, it almost miraculously appears in a vision to its creator.

Not long ago, one of my brothers-in-law said, "James, you know all that effort we put into stamp collecting? Those stamps are virtually worthless, even those in mint condition and first day covers." Have I proved him wrong? Check out my postage stamp collages.

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445 Arnolds Valley Road
Natural Bridge Station, VA 24579

(540) 460-8886

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